google invite

Its been days since we all have been anxiously waiting for Google to finally pop the news of its highly anticipated Nexus 5 running on the upcoming Android 4.4 KitKat. Initially we were expecting the event to take place on October 14th but then due to some unforeseen events, the event had to be postponed till further notice. Well apparently today, Google has started handing out invites for its upcoming event scheduled to take place on October 24th in New York at 7pm Eastern.

Now before you guys start getting all excited, we would just like to add one tiny twist to it; from what it seems from the invite, Google have dedicated the whole event to Google Play with no particular mention of Android or Nexus anywhere so we aren’t exactly sure as to what we should and should not be expecting from the event. We’ll be keeping you guys posted on it in the days to come till then do stick around for more. If any of you happen to get any update on the event or any kind of insider scoop then do share it with us as well. Cheers !!