Google Experience Launcher

When Nexus 5 got launched the world just could not wait to set their eyes on the new Android 4.4 OS a.k.a KitKat. A lot of impatient people including us wanted to get our hands on the Nexus 5 to get a first hand feel of Android 4.4. Now for people who are not lucky enough to get the device, we have found a work around for them.

It was rumored that Google were going to launch a stock Android 4.4 launcher on the Play Store, well there seems to be a whole bunch of truth in that. A little digging and we got our hands on this little baby. Voila….!! The Google Experience Launcher. We tried it on our Rooted Galaxy SII and Nexus S and it seemed to work flawlessly. Though a search glitch is found when you install the app for the first time, just follow the work around and your good to go!

Long press the home screen, select Settings. Select Voice. Select Language to change the default. Change to another language, I choose English – UK. Hit Home. Do a Google Search. Repeat the first three steps. Change back to default language.
In order for the launcher to work you will need to download the following files:
  1. PreBuiltGmsCore (Google Play Services 4.0)
  2. Velvet (Google Search)
  3. GoogleHome (Google Launcher)

It is a bit risky, so you better know what you are doing! If you need any help just leave a message in our comments section. Enjoy the Google Experience!