4K displays

These days every other person has been talking about Samsung and why wouldn’t they? Since the last few years, the South Korean tech giants are on an absolutely remarkable role when it comes to innovations and creativity and currently ranks alongside with the world’s best. These accolades have been largely dependent on the company’s vision for the future and that is exactly what it has in store for us in the next two years. A few days back Samsung held its first Analyst Day event in Korea in almost eight years where it showcased some of its plans for the coming year and what we should expect to see in the year after that as well.

64 bit CPU

There were two major announcements that has surely left many people quite excited….to say the least! Samsung in affiliation with ARM are currently working on their upcoming range of powerful mobile processors that would be structured on the 64-bit core architecture. According to inside scoops, Samsung are said to be coming up with their very own customized processing chips based on ARM’s architecture and would be an integral part of most of the devices that are scheduled to be launched next year with rumors suggesting that these new powerful chips might make their debut in Samsung’s next flagship phone, the Galaxy S5 but nothing has been confirmed so far.

4K display

Samsung also revealed its plans for smartphone displays that include devices with AMOLED panels sporting 560ppi (pixel per inch) pixel density. These devices are expected to launch with WQHD resolution (2560×1440) next year but so far no official timeline has been mentioned. If that’s not impressive enough, wait till you read further. The company are also planning to launch the world’s first smartphones having 4K displays along with a few other flexible devices sometime in 2015. One such device has already been unveiled recently, the  Samsung Galaxy Round which has most certainly opened a gateway for similar looking devices in the future.

4K display

4K display

The future is definitely looking quite bright for Samsung and even though its too early for us to go overboard with the praises, it is safe to say that we are indeed heading in the right direction. This company never seems to stay out of the spotlight does it ? But for now its kudos to Samsung and its entire team from all of us at TAP. Keep it up you guys!!