The Google Hangouts app for Android seems to have a small problem (let’s call it a minor bug) with its Emojis. It was reported earlier that during a hangout session comprising of 10-12 people, the app started to hang when the users sent emojis to each other in large numbers that resulted in the app to stop working. The problem was first highlighted by Dan Morril on the Reddit forum and also confirmed that the bug has been reported to Google who are currently working on the fix as we speak.

Google Hangouts gets a Bug

There does seem to be a temporary fix to the problem for the time being though. If you’re one of the unlucky users who have already gone through this experience before reading this post can log into Google+ from their computers, exit the group and then rejoin again. This seemed to solve the problem for us so hopefully it should do for you guys as well. Since launch of Android 4.4 KitKat, Google have integrated its traditional SMS client with Google Hangouts so that people don’t need to use 3rd party apps for sending SMS messages but after encountering this problem, it’s advisable to install one just to be on the safe side so as to not miss out on any important messages if your Hangout app isn’t working.

Surprisingly, the problem seems to only be present in the Android version while the iOS version remains bug free. We’ll update you guys once Google starts rolling out a permanent fix in its next updates so do stick around till then.