Nova Launcher Beta 2.3

If you are waiting to get your hands on Android 4.4 KitKat, but the wait is long, then you can try the next best things, use a custom launcher to enjoy the feel of it. If you’re up for it, then Nova Launcher is just the launcher for you. Recently the launcher got a beta update which means it is now Nova Launcher 2.3 Beta 1. The update brings with it the transparent goodness of Android 4.4 on the home screen and navigation and status bar. Though the transparent nav and status bar are only supported in few devices till now. Those include the Galaxy S3 (running Android 4.3), Galaxy S4, HTC One (rooted), Sony Xperia Z, Moto X and of-course the Nexus 5.

The beta gives the launcher a new drawer, plus a few new performance tweaks as well. As it is still in beta phase keep your mind open for some bugs to pop up and annoy you. But that being said if you like the Google Experience Launcher, then you shall like this one as well, considering you get the transparent status bar in this oneĀ  as well.

So if you are up for a change then join the Nova Launcher Beta Community on Google+ and hit on this beta link to try out the KitKat goodness on your device. Hit us on our comments sections if you want any help!