Cyanogen Installer App

In a recent turn of events, Google have told Cyanogen Inc. to remove their Installer app from the Play Store as according to Google, the app was apparently violating their terms of services. Even though the app that was recently just launched (about 2 weeks ago) is absolutely harmless, Google don’t seem to have a very strong liking about the fact that an app that encourages an Android user to root their devices (that eventually ends up voiding the device’s warranty) should NOT exist in the market and has been ordered to be removed immediately. The Installer app basically enables the ADB and directs user’s to the desktop installer in order to complete the custom CyanogenMod ROM installation process.

The company had no choice but to honor Google’s demands and hence have removed the app from the Play Store. For those who were not able to initially get their hands on it can easily download it from the¬†website. Even though we do feel sad for the poor chaps, but if Google tells you to do something……you very well have to do it. Right?

Download Link: CyanogenMod Installer