Rumors have been flying rampant about the launch of HTC’s next flagship device and the successor to its (amazing) predecessor the HTC One sometime in February 2014, after almost exactly a year since the HTC One made its debut in March 2013. Even though the company themselves haven’t disclosed any details about their next flagship device, we do expect them to launch it during February and March as according to some rumors, Samsung are also readying themselves for a possible release of its next flagship device, the GALAXY S5 in the first quarter of 2014.

HTC Rumors

      HTC Rumors

The timing of the news does sound a little bit surprising since the company is going through a rigorous legal battle with Nokia over some patent issues that have resulted in the recent ban on the HTC One Mini in UK. The news about HTC’s upcoming plans were (supposedly) revealed during the recently concluded battle between the two cellular giants in which according to a ruling published by High Court Judge Richard Arnold, a successor to the HTC One could be released in the UK as early as February or March of next year. It could either be the rumored HTC M8 or the HTC One Two as it is widely speculated but we’ll have to wait and see as to exactly what the company has in mind eventually when they do decide to launch it sometime next year.

Let us remind you guys once again that these are still just early rumors and there has been no official word on any of the aforementioned devices by the Taiwanese Tech giants either. We’ll keep you guys posted on any further developments in the weeks/months to come so do stick around.