Smarty Ring

Before I start writing this post, let me recall a phrase quoted by a famous man, “We are living in an age where devices are getting Smarter and Humans are becoming foolish day by day”. Throwing light on this statement and following the recent success of smartphones and smart watches, people were actually beginning to wonder as to exactly what to expect next falling under the (you guessed it) supposed “Smart” category? Well you don’t need to look (or think) any further!

Rings have been one of the most sought after ornaments since the beginning of time and even today we tend to see people wearing them irrespective of the fact whether they are married or not and what better way to make good use of this habit but to have  our very own Smart ring that well…..isn’t quite like to the one you tend to wear everyday.

Smarty Ring as the name suggests is a smart ring that’s compatible with your Android and iOS devices is heading toward the end of a very successful Indiegogo funding campaign. The campaign kicked off on November 11, with the creators of Smarty Ring asking for $40,000 in funding. It will end in just over a day, and so far it’s managed to pull in a whooping $300,384. That’s close to almost six times the amount Smarty Ring’s creators were originally asking for. Let us now take a closer look at what our smart little companion has to offer.

Smarty Ring

Stay Updated

Smarty Ring frees you from searching in your bag for your phone, or from reaching into your back pocket, just to find no new notifications. Its bluetooth 4.0 technology lets you always get real time updates.

  • Incoming & outgoing call notifications.
  • Alerts for Text and E-Mail messages
  • Real time updates from Facebook,Twitter, Hangout & Skype.

 Remote control

Control your phone without touching it.

Smarty Ring

  • Accept or reject incoming calls
  • Make outgoing calls to preset numbers
  • Trigger camera
  • Control music
  • Change profile.

Clock at your finger tips

Have a clock capable of checking up to five time zones, and more, in an attractive ring.Not everyone likes watches, so a ring enabled with a clock and more is a fashionable option. Smarty Ring is not only a clock, but a stop watch and countdown timer!

 Smarty Ring

Track your phone

Never forget your phone again and prevent theft!

  • Alert your phone when you lost in the crowd.
  • Alert goes off even if your phone is in silent mode
  • Beeps when your phone is more than 30 metres away from you.


The Smarty Ring is a high quality piece of tech-jewelry made from allergy free, surgical quality stainless steel. The simple elegance of this piece makes it suited for both men and women, at an occasion.

 Smarty Ring

The exterior of the Smarty Ring is not only fashionable – but waterproof. Take a Smarty Ring anywhere – even where your phone can’t go! Perfect for humid climates or to stay connected on vacation. This makes a great companion for a business professional on vacation who needs lives updates even while swimming!

The dazzling LED display is great for day and night use. Not only is it a charming conversation starter, but you’ll have your friends gawking at this cool gadget!

Wireless charger

Charge your smart phone and Smarty Ring at same time. No plugin hassles, just place your Smarty Rings and smart phone over the charger to get it charged!

 Smarty Ring

 Interactive one screen app

Smarty Ring is easy to use. Simple plug and play process connects your phone to the Smarty Ring with a user-friendly app to manage your smart phone from Smarty Ring.

 Smarty Ring

  • Allows you to change Smarty Ring’s profile.
  • Set the time zones and adjust clock.
  • Adjust LED brightness.
  • Adjust Beeper’s volume
  • Assign buttons to control speed dials


With Smarty Ring you have a guaranteed running time of 24 hours, so you can be on the go and not waste time charging. This is quite a battery capacity for its size! Plus, the battery has an estimated lifetime of three years, and, better still, its warranty includes a free battery replacement!

Technical specifications

  • Bluetooth 4.0 – nRF51822
  • Measurements – 13mm Wide and 4mm Thickness.
  • Flexible Battery – 22 maH.
  • Surgical stainless steel body

Sizing guide

Smarty Ring

Take print out of the strip and wrap it around your finger to find the size of the ring that fits you.

Smarty Ring

From what we understand, the Smarty Ring is expected to so start shipping from April, 2014 and would be available at a retail price of $275 and for those who were lucky enough to place their orders before the end of the Indiegogo campaign are eligible to get their rings at a discounted price of $175. The whole project does seem to look quite promising but whether or not its going to be a success, needs to be seen. What does the future hold for us next? Maybe we should start thinking about a few other everyday items that could become a part of the “smart’ family as well. We would love to hear your thoughts on it though. Cheers !