Lets Go Caroling

Tis the season to be the jolly and what better way to get your Xmas spirit up and running with some nice traditional Christmas Carols. Right? Well Google seem to be in that joyous festive mood as well and in doing so have released a festive Easter egg for Android devices in the process. All you need to do is just go in Google Now and do a voice search for “Let’s go caroling” and see the magic unfold!!

Lets Go Caroling

The search results would automatically take you to a new navigation page with sing-along Christmas Carols that include our all time childhood favorites ranging from Jingle Bells to We Wish You A Merry Christmas to Deck The Halls and many more. We all had so much fun going through each one of them and we’re pretty sure you guys would enjoy it as well so head on over to Google Now and try it right away. Happy Caroling 🙂

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