Google Reunion

Google are renowned for not only coming up with some of the most unique and innovative ideas but also at the same time having a distinct meaning/message behind whatever they do. Whether it’s a Doodle representing a special festival, a jingle for a happy occasion etc. Keeping in line with their same traditions, Google recently came up with one of the best looking TVC’s that I have ever come across with. The ad had a simple message of friendship and love but the way it has been depicted is absolutely amazing.

To begin with, Google helps arrange a re-union between two old friends Baldev and Yusuf living in India and Pakistan respectively who had been separated during the 1947 partition and had not been in any sort of interaction with each other for a very long time. The ad begins with one of the gentlemen recalling his good old childhood memories to his granddaughter telling her about his long lost friend Yusuf with whom he used to fly kites and steal sweets from a nearby shop that was located near an ancient gate which is a landmark of Lahore.

With this information, the granddaughter does a Google search for a park with an ancient gate in Lahore only to find that there is one known as Mochi Gate Lahore. Furthermore, she eventually comes across the sweet shop named “Fazal Sweets” from where they used to steal the sweets. The girl then calls the shop to enquire about Yusuf and to her joy; she finally gets to convince him to pay them a visit in Delhi. Yusuf’s grandson on the other hand uses Google to arrange for their trip to Delhi and makes arrangements for their visa and flight booking.

In the end, both the friends are re-united with each other all thanks to a little effort put in by their grandchildren. Through this commercial, Google has been successful in creating a friendly bond between the two countries and at the same time spread the message of love and friendship in just under three minutes. The video went viral all over the social media with almost 900,000 YouTube views in the first 24 hours. The “Google Reunion” since that day, has been one of the highest trending searches on both Twitter and Facebook. Have a look at this video and tell us how you felt about it. Google my friend….hats off to you once again !!