Galaxy S4 Black Edition Front Top

Samsung have been busy this week with the launch of their new Note 3 and now the new version of the Galaxy S4. The new Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 mini variants are called the “Black Edition”, with a faux leather at the back of the devices. Samsung have really done a great job with the outer body of the S4’s with the new Black finish making it more classier than ever. When its comes to specs though, there is no change. The S4 will be sporting the same specs as the LTE variant (Quad-Core) and the S4 mini will be the same Dual-Core version.

Galaxy S4 Mini Black Edition Rear

Galaxy S4 Black Edition Front

Galaxy S4 Mini Black Edition Rear Top

Sadly the “Black Edition” Galaxy S4’s are only available in Russia so far, so the world has to still wait for these classy babies to reach their shores. The price itself would be a bit higher initially as well, with the new S4’s having the exclusivity tag with them. So if you were thinking of buying the S4 anytime soon, just wait a bit more and get your hands on these gorgeous looking smartphones.