Google have been busy with a updates to a bunch their various apps such as Google Maps, Hangouts etc. Most of the updates are just minor bug and performance fixes. Though the Google Search App got the updated with new language options and if you own a Nexus 5 device or using the GEL launcher then it has been updated as well.

Google Now Launcher

They have changed the name of the launcher from “Google Experience Launcher” to “Google Now Launcher”. That is not all if you own a non nexus 5 device then when you update the launcher you can a tutorial asking if you want to copy your icons from the older version or want to start off fresh. These minor updates could mean that Google might eventually, launch their launcher officially on the Google Play Store. You can wait for the Google Search App to get updated automatically or if you just can not wait then we have both the updated “Google Search App” and the “Google Now Launcher” ready for you, just download and enjoy!

Download : Google Search App

                       Google Now Launcher