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Flappy Bird, the (world’s most annoying but addictive) game which is supposedly creating headlines all over has been finally removed from both the Play Store as well as app store. In a sudden turn of events, the game which was apparently earning its developer a whopping $50,000 per day through its in-app ads. Shocked much? But now it seems after all earning all the glory (and more than a million frustrated customers), Dong Nguyen, the game’s developer has now officially removed the game from both the stores. One of the main reasons for this drastic move was perhaps based largely on the fact that poor Mr. Nguyen couldn’t cope up with the barrage of criticisms and frustrations (he used to get more than a million tweets everyday) from player’s all over the world complaining as to exactly why the game is so darn difficult to play even though it looks like the easiest one you could lay your hands on.

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

From the looks of things, the poor guy became so annoyed by all the complaints and blabbering that he had no other option but to eventually remove the game. The decision has seemed to be taken with a few mixed reactions coming in from people who have been playing it since it was launched almost 8 months ago to those who couldn’t play it and in the the end to those who did wanted to give the game a try but were (un)lucky to do so. Good thing for us, we managed to grab hold of the game 3 days before it was removed and even though I curse it every single time I die in it, the game still keeps me glued to it for hours. I’m sure most of you would like to agree and disagree with me on that but that’s entirely your call. So for those of you familiar with the game, can share your high scores with us and also tell us about your (most frustrating) experiences so far. Happy Flapping 😉