Sony waterproof MP3 player

These days the trend of waterproof devices is on the rise with Sony being one of the leading contenders in this regard. It all started with the waterproof phones, then the tablets and it now seems that the company is expanding its reach to other devices as well. In what seems to be an excellent looking marketing move, the Japanese tech giants are now shifting their focus onto the waterproof Sony W Series Walkman MP3 players and have even taken it within their strive to market each device fully submerged inside plastic drinking water bottles. Sounds quite appealing doesn’t it ?

Sony waterproof MP3 player

Sony waterproof MP3 player

Even though MP3 players are losing their initial charm now thanks mainly to phones irrespective of the fact whether they are smart or not, people prefer listening to songs through them rather than carrying a separate MP3 player all the time. The device which comes with 4GB internal memory is available in two colors, white and black and is currently selling for a retail price of $99.99. So if your one of those who like listening to songs while taking a dip underwater or while in the shower, then these nifty little devices should be your perfect companion.

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