Milk Music

In an age where online music streaming services like Apple iTunes, Pandora and Spotify seem to be at an all time high, why should Samsung be left behind right ? Well that is exactly what the South Korean tech giants had in mind before launching their very own online music service in the form of the all new Samsung “Milk Music“. The free service  is compatible with most of your GALAXY devices including the Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4 (and variants like the S4 mini), Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Note 3 and offers unlimited free radio streaming with around 200 pre-loaded stations, while allowing customization such as creating your personal stations from particular tracks, which can be synced with your Samsung account for accessing via all your Samsung devices. Till now the service comes without any annoying ads which is a plus point since most of the aforementioned online music streaming clients do happen to come with in-app advertisements.

Milk Music

Milk Music doesn’t require any registration or setup for first-time use, and includes features such as pre-caching for instant playback (there’s no offline caching at the moment) and the ability to select tracks from a curated selection “handpicked by music taste-makers and influencers.” Music can’t be bought just yet, but that’s a feature that will come in the future, among others, as Samsung works on making Milk Music a big name in the extremely competitive streaming market. The app itself looks pretty good, with the appealing interface a far cry from the mostly mediocre design seen in other Samsung apps, with things like the radio dial for music selection giving it a look and feel similar to the analog FM radios from the past.

Milk Music   Milk Music™ - screenshot

The free service is currently available for US citizens ONLY but there is a positive word about the new music service to be made available in other parts of the world as well. If your’e from US then head on over to Google Play and try Milk Music now.

[via Sammobile]