Angry Birds have been flying all over the gaming world since quite a while now, keeping its legacy going with various versions of the game. Rovio the makers of Angry Bird have down the years kept on tweaking with the game play of the Pig Fighting Birds. Even came out with Go-Kart racing version as well, where the birds go blasting past the pigs in their cool looking cars. Rovio is now adding a RPG version to the Angry Birds franchise called Angry Birds: Epic.

Angry Birds Epic

The first game-play trailer has just been released by Rovio, showing off our feathered friends in a knights armor and a wizard get up. The trailer suggests it is a turn by turn game, where the birds will team up against the menacing evil pigs. The game is supposed to be a free-mium version with in-app purchaes, considering we will have a lot of upgrading to do in the game. Hopefully we will be able to enjoy the whole game without having to actually pay. The game will have a soft release in Australia, Canada and New Zealand just to see if the servers hold up, similar to what EA Swiss Sarl did for Plant vs Zombies 2.

Angry Birds Epic

So have a look at the game play trailer for yourself and tell us how you like it.