Sony SmartBand


These days it seems like the trend from smart-watches is slowly shifting more towards smart wrist bands which can become your ideal companion whether you are sprinting, working out or if you simply want something that would not only look good and sleek on your wrists, but also at the same time have enough fire power to notify you with your usual day-to-day activities. Even though smart watches these days can be a little bit pricey, for those of you who  are looking for a cheaper alternative should consider going for this little helpful device by Sony.

Sony SmartBand SWR10_1

The Sony SmartBand can become your perfect everyday compatriot. Priced in at just $100, the SmartBand features motion and location sensors for your daily activity tracking, physical controls for all your media playback, LED-powered and vibration-driven notifications for alarms, calendar reminders, SMS messages, missed calls etc. All you need to do is simply sync the SmartBand with Sony’s Lifelog app  (the two can be paired using NFC) to give you a quick  look at all your workout data that automatically syncs over Bluetooth 4.0 LE. SmartBand consists of a removable core unit and the band will come in a number of colours. The band is waterproof and will have a 5-day battery life along with a premium looking Sony fastener button.

Sony SmartBand

Sony SmartBand

As mentioned earlier, Lifelog isthe Android companion app for the SmartBand, which captures all of your physical, social and entertainment activities visually. The app keeps track of all your media content or how much you’ve been using social networks. Points will be awarded depending on how much you move and your lifestyle generally. You will also be able to set daily activity goals and try to beat your all-time best scores.

Sony SmartBand

For all our friends in the United States, the watch can easily be purchased from Sony’s official website for $100 and on doing so you would also be rewarded with 100 Sony Reward Points together with free shipping all over the country.

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