Angry Birds Stella

Our favorite little slinging birds are readying themselves to once again grace your handheld devices pretty soon. That’s right guys we’re talking about the one and only Angry Birds. This time around there does seem to be a small twist in the tale though. The new title is called “Angry Birds Stella” as the name suggests, the game is mainly focused towards the  female gender. Even though the Angry Birds franchise through out the years happens to be a favorite of both the genders, Rovio have decided to specially dedicate the upcoming handheld game series to its female fans all around the world.

Angry Birds Stella

The company had recently updated their official Facebook page with a few snapshots of what we ought to expect from the next Angry Birds game which is to be the first one in the all new Angry Birds Stella series. The pictures reveal some of the new characters that would feature in the game along with a snap of the actual game-play which from the looks of it feels and looks visually quite appealing to say the least. We are still not sure as to exactly when Rovio are planning to officially launch the game (it is expected to be launched sometime this fall) and on which platform but I’m pretty sure that mystery would also soon be solved in the coming weeks.

Angry Birds Stella

Even though the Angry Birds franchise have seemed to have lost a bit of steam in recent months falling behind the likes of some other noteworthy “sweet as candy” competition, but it still remains to be an all time favorite for people of all ages and I’m pretty sure the news is sure to excite you all. Well that’s all the news we have got for you for now but do stick around to find out more. In the mean time, start readying those fingers for some action packed bird slinging on the go!

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