Smart Hoodie

Smart wearables are what everybody is talking about these days and alot of companies are working on watches, and bands and glasses which help you in your daily life. Smart watches and the Google Glass were the first of the wearable category and now companies are working on other possibilities as well.  Two New York University Graduates Alina Balean and Rucha Patwardhan have made a “Smart Hoodie”. Now what in God’s green earth is a smart hoodie you on!

The hoodie can send preset text messages by pressing certain points on the hoodie or by just rolling up your sleeves. The hoodie is fitted with a cellular-equiped Arduino board and switches. So if you roll up your sleeves you can get a check in on Facebook, or if you want to talk to your mom, then press the side of the hoodie. Confused? Check out the video below:

Smart Hoodie, the cellphone sweater from Alina Balean on Vimeo.

 So what do you think of this ingenious idea? Personally I feel it would be really helpful, if you are in trouble and want to inform somebody without attracting attention, then this is something I would want on me at all times. So, what’s next…. smart jeans??