Google Now Fifa WC Cards

Don’t know about you guys but I sure as hell simply cannot wait for tomorrow !!! The wait is almost over for football’s biggest spectacle to finally kick off in Brazil. If you’re a football (soccer) freak like myself then the latest addition to Google Now would be your perfect everyday companion. We had been hearing rumors since days regarding the all new “Google Now Fifa World Cup cards” which had already started to roll out in few devices running Android 4.1+ but as of now, Google have officially made the cards available at your disposable before initiation of the mega event.

Google Now Fifa WC Cards

For those of you who are  accustomed to using Google Now cards would need no further explanations. Just like your everyday cards that include the likes of weather updates, stock info’s, movie updates etc, the Fifa World Cup cards let you choose as to which team’s scores and detailed info you would like to receive on a daily basis. You can either select one or as many teams as you would like and with each progressing match, you will be updated with the scores, injury updates, team news etc. This does seem to be a handy addition to the already impressive range of Google Now Cards who have seemed to replace other 3rd party news apps since the day they emerged on most of the handheld devices running Android 4.1 and above.

Google Now Fifa WC Cards

So who are you supporting this time ? We would love to hear from you guys so do share in a few thoughts in our comments section below. In the mean time its Ole Ole Ole Ole all the way to the Final. Cheers and goodluck !!!  😀

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