Angry birds Transformers


Rovio never ceases to amaze us now does it!! The company behind our ever loving (and always angry) slinging birds, have outdone themselves yet again. This time they have decided to take the Angry Birds to a whole new level. In collaboration with Hasbro, the company behind the famous Transformers franchise, Rovio have decided to come up with their very own version of an Angry Birds Transformers game which is scheduled to arrive soon. With the release of the next big Transformers blockbuster titled ┬áTransformers – The age of Extinction just around the corner, this would be the perfect time for Rovio to make their move.


Angry Birds Transformers


So far the only thing that Rovio and Hasbro have announced is that the new game will be called Angry Birds Transformers, which will see a team of vigilant Autobirds taking on a horde of evil Deceptihogs. Sounds like a lot of fun and knowing Rovio’s history with converting movie franchises into their long running finger slinging games, this new entree does seem to be a step in the right direction for the company who have happened to lost their strive a bit in recent times especially with competition in the handheld gaming category on an all time high these days. Prior to this, the company have successfully launched Angry Birds Rio and Angry birds Star Wars that were both based on the hit movie franchises. The game is set to arrive on all major handheld platforms but as of now there has not been a particular timeline as to exactly when we could get our hands on it. Hopefully that day isn’t too far. Will keep you guys updated once the game is officially made available on Google Play so do stick around till then. Cheers !