Android and Google Kill Switch

With smartphone thefts being recorded at an all time high the timing of this news couldn’t have been more appropriate. Both Google and Microsoft have taken into their stride to try and curb this growing menace with their all new “factory reset protection solution” which would allow users to entirely wipe out their phone’s data with a single press of a button to the extent of which it cannot and WILL not be recovered at the same time rendering the device useless for the other party. The so called “kill switch” option is quite similar to the one already present in an iPhone which has the ability to prevent the device from being factory reset and illegally used by another person as their own.

Recent reports have shown a 19% drop off in iPhone thefts from 2013 to 2014 thanks to Apple’s kill switch feature on their devices. The matter has also been taken up to the White House where a new bill (introduced in February) is looking to require all phones sold in the US to include kill switch functionality. Senators believe that this is the only way to truly prevent smartphone thefts, making it common knowledge that would-be smartphone thieves are getting little more than a shiny new brick. Besides the US, smartphone thefts are taking place all over the world and this new preventive measure adopted by both Google and Microsoft for their respective Android and Windows Phone devices respectively, is surely a step in the right direction.

Android and Google Kill Switch

The new security feature is expected to make its debut in the upcoming months with the release of Android 5.0 code-named Android L as well as the much anticipated Windows Phone 8.1 update which is expected to roll out sometime later this year. That’s all the news  we have for you guys at the moment, will keep you informed on any further developments once we get to hear anything more from either Google or Microsoft on the matter in the coming weeks.