Microsoft Devices Offers Exclusive Apps for Ramadan Kareem

Nokia did it last year, now Microsoft has continued the tradition of coming up with special Ramadan apps. These apps are available for all Lumia users running Windows as well as Nokia X users.

The announcement comes at a time when Muslims all around Pakistan are devotedly observing the blessed month of Ramadan.  During this holy month, the demand for exclusive Ramadan content rises, and Microsoft has introduced the apps to let users observe the venerated month with full zeal.

“Ramadan is a month of self-awareness and devotion towards Allah. It is a month in which we gain inner tranquility and salvation through worship and fasting. Keeping in view the sanctity of Ramadan, Microsoft brings Ramadan Kareem apps for your Windows Phone and Nokia X devices. With these apps, users can read the Quran and listen to tilawat by renowned Qaris of the world. They can also read Ahadith, special duas and azkaar along with sharing them on social networks to spread the blessings far and wide among family and friends.”

– Kamran Masood Niazi, Communications Manager, Microsoft Devices


Ramadan apps from Windows Store


Users can recite the Holy Quran and listen to tilawat by globally famous reciters such as Al-Sudais and Al-Gamy by downloading the Al-Quran app. Other apps such as Mushaf Al-Madinah, Quran Lite etc. let users share the ayahs via social networking websites. With apps like Ramadan Kareem, Ramadan Time etc. one can keep track of suhoor and iftar timings while reciting special Ramadan duas.

Ramadan apps from Windows Store

There are a number of apps such as Athan+ and Missed Prayers through which users can keep a track of namaz timings based on their locations and a check on their missed prayers. These apps also give location-based directions to nearest mosques. Apps like Hadith Qudsi Arabic, Daily Hadith etc. provide a daily update on authentic ahadith which can be shared via email, Facebook, Twitter and SMS. Manasek and Hajj & Umrah Guide provide information about various rituals of Hajj and Umrah.

So grab these apps from the Windows and Nokia Stores today . Happy Ramadan!