Gear Solo

Following their recent major announcement regarding the launch of the GALAXY Note 4 at the second annual Unpacked event at IFA, Berlin, Samsung have yet another major surprise in store for us. Reports from a few reliable sources have suggested that the South Korean tech giants are also in-line to launch their very first SIM-enabled Smart watch called the “Gear Solo”. From the looks of things, this would be a standalone smart watch device that would NOT require a smartphone to transmit data as well as for the rest of the functions for the device to work as in the case with the current range of Gear devices already available in the market.

The one major concern on our minds is the fact that without the use of a smartphone for transmitting data, the impact of cellular radios inside a smart watch could be quite significant. For starters, devices with 3G or 4G radios tend to be more expensive than their WiFi-only counterparts. Cellular radios also suck up a lot more battery than WiFi or Bluetooth so Samsung needs to take these things into consideration. Unfortunately that’s all the insights we have for you at the moment, but hopefully we might get to hear some more details while we head towards the Unpacked Event that is for the first time taking place at three different locations simultaneously so make sure you mark your calendars for the mega September 3rd event. Stick around for more !