There are plenty of lock screen and notifications apps in the Play Store these days but one that caught our eye is AcDisplay. This notification app works as a lock screen as well and lets you see all your notifications at a glance. The app has a feature called Active Mode that uses the sensors on your phone to wake it up when you take your phone out of your pocket and shows if you have any alerts and then goes back to sleep after a few seconds, you can adjust the time duration in the settings as well. The animations are seamless and you can choose to see or ignore the notifications by simply swiping them.

AcDisplay AcDisplay

The app also has other features including blacklist, dynamic background, low priority notifications and much more. You can easily go into the app straight from the lock screen without having to unlock the screen (if you do not have a screen lock on). When you are listening to music on your phone, you can control your playlist straight from lock screen as well. Thanks to its developer Artem Chepurnoy the application is quite stable and works very smoothly. I have been using this application since a few days now and have not experienced much battery drain.

The application currently only works on devices running Android 4.4+ (KitKat). Well enough reading about it, head over to the Play Store and download it now. Let us know if you like it as much we do, happy downloading!

Play Store Download Link: AcDisplay