The stable release of Chrome for Android got updated to version 37 today. The update is quite major, considering the whole look of the app has changed to more on the lines of the Material Design coming with Android L. The app looks more cleaner and performance has improved quite a bit, you can tell when you scroll through multiple web pages.

Chrome Browser - Google - screenshot Chrome Browser - Google - screenshot Chrome Browser - Google - screenshot

Google have also changed the incognito mode, making its layout black compared to the normal white color scheme of the Chrome app. New animations have also been introduced when swiping to close the opened tabs. The official change log shows:

  • Signing in to Chrome signs you in to your favorite Google sites
  • Updated look and feel with elements of Android’s new Material Design
  • Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements!

So, if your Google Chrome app has not been updated yet, head on over to the Play Store and tell us how you like the new look.