Google Play Store 5.0.31

We got a nice surprise from Google this morning, as they updated the Play Store to version 5.0.31. The very first change you will see is that the Google Play Store Icon has been changed, looks quite modern. The new Play Store is built on the ‘Material Design” layout, which gives the app a very nice minimalistic touch. The various categories have much bolder colors with a much flatter design.¬† When you slide open the menu tab you can see a couple of changes. New icons have been added for Store Home, My apps, Wishlist and People and icons for the rest have been removed.

Google Play Store Icon history

Most noticeable change you will find is that when you open an app, the “Whats New’ section has now been highlighted which was a much needed change, and we thank Google for doing so. The categories and the sub category tabs have now the same color combinations and when you are scrolling for apps, movies or songs the category heading hides away so you get more space on the screen for viewing the app,movie or song list. Other than that most of the changes had been made in the previous 4.9 version. So, now the Google Play Store is officially ready for Android L. Not long now for Google to unveil its much anticipated¬† operating system.

The roll out of the new Play Store will be in batches as usual so if you can wait for it to get updated on it own sweet time then all good. If not, we have added a direct download link below. Enjoy!

Google Play Store 5.0.31