content writing in Pakistan

As people turn to the internet to figure out answers to several things such as managing finances, planning for retirement, diagnosis for ailments, travel destinations, amongst several others, marketers have understood that quality content can actually drive visitors towards their particular brands and products. Although there is a trove of information on the internet, quality and opinionated content remains king and can lead to engagement from the online public. Publishing high-quality content remains cost effective and can be targeted towards specific audiences; pushing them to buy certain products, choose specific services or build up brand image and positioning.

Content serves a variety of needs, both from the point of the view of the consumer as well as the brand that is providing it. Websites that update on a consistent basis with quality content will generally see an uptick in the traffic that they generate, which allows them to get better rates for their own banner adverts. Furthermore, the more traffic a website attracts, the higher will be the trust factor that consumers develop with it as they consistently read and engage with the articles that are posted on it. At this point if there is content that points consumers to a specific direction, then the trust factor will ensure that consumers are more amenable towards trying that particular product or service. According to some market research agencies, content marketing generates three times as many leads than traditional online advertising such as paid search. Hence an effective content marketing strategy is a potential game-changer for businesses.

One of the most important facets about content marketing is for it to be an educator i.e. inform the general public about issues that they may have interest in. For example a travel agency selling holidays may want to invest in a piece of content that talks about travel destinations that offer sunny weather even in winter months. Or life insurance companies may promote content that discuss how individuals should plan on investing a portion of their monthly income for their retirement fund. Either way, if the content is stimulating, visual, and offers good advice, people are bound to be interested and then be more open towards trying the service/product advertised.

Content marketing is yet to kick off in a big way in Pakistan, but some companies such as have started experimenting with it as part of their overall brand positioning strategy. However, it is an undeniable fact that an increasing number of Pakistanis are engaging with brands on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, and therefore represent a significant opportunity for content marketers to target. If there is strong, compelling content then people will be attracted to it, allowing for further growth and expansion.