Android 5.0 Lollipop

Ever since the introduction of Android in 2003, the Google-run operating system has undergone tremendous changes, both in terms of its design, as well as its functionality. When one analyses the fact that there are over a billion devices currently running Android, and it is by far the most ubiquitous operating system around, does one truly begin to understand the power that this platform wields. Such milestones are not easy to achieve, and it is through their impeccable design and quality standards that the Google team has achieved this pinnacle.

The latest iteration of Android is titled ‘Lollipop’ and continues Google’s tradition of naming all operating systems after a sweet treat. Previous versions have been titled Donut, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean etc so one can see the trend that has been established. Android Lollipop is designed keeping in mind the rapidly changing internet eco-sphere globally. Not only does it work on tablets and smartphones, but it is also compatible with wearable technology such as smartwatches and Google Glass.

One of the best parts about Android Lollipop is its updated Google Now architecture, whereby the widget will track all your activity based on Gmail and Google Search and recommend content accordingly. Furthermore your interests, location, music choices and other information is also read by the AI and monitored accordingly. An impressive feature overall. Android Lollipop has other features such as quick charging, extended battery life via power saving features, better call quality, enhanced speakerphone and a host of new gestures and tricks that are guaranteed to significantly enhance your smartphone experience.

A device that will truly bring the best out of Android Lollipop is the HTC One M8 that is one of the best devices around and is slated to receive the update very soon. To purchase the device, do it safely and securely through Daraz.