Samsung Galaxy S6 prototype

With the Mobile World Congress less than a month away, everyday we see new rumors surfacing about various OEMs and their next big flagship devices that are to e announced at the mega annual event in Barcelona commencing from March 2nd. A few days back we had mentioned about Samsung’s next flagship device or should we rather say devices now since according to some very strong rumors, Samsung are releasing not one but two variants of its long running line of GALAXY S series with the release of the GALAXY S6 and the S Edge which in our opinion should be somewhat similar to the  Galaxy Note Edge.

As of today, our friends at Phone Arena have got their hands on what looks like a prototype of Samsung’s next flagship device. How far these pics are close to the real deal we don’t actually know but if it is in fact true, then the S6, as mentioned earlier, would be wrapped in a metallic uni body frame with a glass rear coating. These are still very early (leaked) images of the device but from the looks of things, they do look quite similar to the GALAXY Alpha series. For now, we’ll just have to wait patiently for the MWC. We’ll keep you guys posted on any further updates and rumors so do stick around. Cheers !!