The HTC One M9 is going to be unveiled on March 1st at the MWC 2015, but thanks to our resident leakster @upleaks we all got to know about it from today. He leaked 3 promo videos of the M9, which confirmed all the speculations and rumors we had for the device.

HTC One M9 Intro Video

The first is the Intro video for the HTC M9 showing off a 2-tone metallic finish and a single front camera unlike the HTC M8. The back camera is a 20MP shooter with the front camera being an Ultra Pixel for better low light selfies. The video also showed some features of the new theme engine HTC has used for Sense 7. Other than that HTC has replaced the Beats Audio speakers with Dolby Surround.

HTC One M9 Camera

This video shows off the 20MP and the UltraPixel front camera with some cool editing tools. The HTC M8 had quite a fun load of picture editing options, and HTC have tried to improve them it seems in the M9.

HTC One M9 Theme Engine


 The final video shows off the all new theme engine that HTC has introduced with Sense 7. The option to change the layout of your device to such an extent was only possible for users with rooted devices. Now for HTC to head into that direction is quite refreshing.
Now these are leaked promos and there is a chance they could be fake, seems unlikely but could be plausible.  Whatever the case may be thanks to @upleaks we have something to be excited about. Though HTC may have gone a step back in the designing front , because it looks pretty similar to the M8 (normally Samsung has been found guilty of that). Well, lets just wait a few more days for the official word at Barcelona.