Every bodies favorite messaging client WhatsApp has been in the news quite often in the past few weeks due to its new WhatsApp Call feature. Now WhatsApp has come up with another major update, this time changing the way it looks.

WhatsApp Material Design WhatsApp with Material Design

WhatsApp has finally joined Google’s Material Design family, making it more smooth and sophisticated looking. The color scheme has been changed from parrot green to dark green and the menu bar and icons are all in line with the Material Design layout.

WhatsApp with Material Design WhatsApp with Material Design

New animations and slides deeply enhance the previous static experience. The design of the text box in the chat window has changed, plus now you get a much bigger icon for the mic to record voice messages more quicker. Well these are just some of the changed we have seen in the short time playing with the update.

WhatsApp with Material Design

Now this updated apk is currently only available from WhatsApp’s website. The Google Play Store will be updated soon, but if you can not wait then just head over to the link below and see for yourself the new WhatsApp in all its glory.

Download Link: WhatsApp v2.12.38