Android Wear 5.1

Android Wear has advanced quite a bit since its launch, with new features popping up with each update. Google has tried to redefine the way we use our watches – other then just tell the time, you can do so much more with the different smartwatches available in the market these days.

Google has announced its next Android Wear update, which most probably be called Android Wear 5.1 Lollipop. Now this update brings with it a number of new features. Let us discuss each one below:

Always-on screen, always-on apps

android wear always on apps

Most smart watches these days come with an always screen on option, so that you do not have to touch your watch or flick your wrist to see the time. Now this function has been extended to third party apps, so that they will be left on until you want to close them yourself. This way for example if your WhatsApp-ing with someone then you will get notifications promptly without the screen turning off every time you move your hand away. The screen on the other hand will not be on full power, so that you can see the notifications as well as save your watches battery  (which would be most people’s concern).

Wi-Fi support

Now this feature is only for watches with have built-in WiFi in them, so that means your watch does not have to be connected with your phone via Bluetooth to receive notifications. The watch will catch its own WiFi signal and if  data/WiFi on your device is on then your smart watch will continue to get the alerts even if you leave your phone at home.

Simpler, faster, and more smiley


Other updates include, a single touch on your smartwatch’s home-screen and you will have access to your apps and contacts. If your hands are dirty or occupied and you want to browse through the notifications, then just flick your wrist. Voila! Last but not the least now you can draw emojis on your smartwatch, and Android wear will recognize it and send it via message or text.

This update will be available for all seven Android Wear running smartwatches:

  1. Moto 360
  2. LG Watch Urbane
  3. LG G Watch R
  4. LG G Watch
  5. ASUS ZenWatch
  6. Samsung Gear Live
  7. Sony SmartWatch 3

The update will be rolled out in a couple of weeks starting with the latest LG Watch Urbane, so what are your views on this update, getting what you had asked for? Let us know!