Samsung round smartwatch

Circular smart watches from Motorola, LG and Huawei were at a rage last year and continue to do so. Now, Samsung has decided to join the round faced band wagon. They have confirmed that their next Galaxy smart watch will be circular, well they have not mentioned it verbally but the invite they sent does confirm it.

Samsung have sent an invite for their Next Gear, which would be the 7th Generation of Samsung Gear. The invite currently is for 3rd party app developers, sadly not for consumers yet, to help Samsung in designing the next Gear’s platform. If we know Samsung, this smart watch would be running on their on OS rather than Google’s Android Wear, but then again we can not confirm that. If you want to join in, then just head over to this link and get the SDK .

Samsung has not given any other news as to what the appearance of their Next Gear will be like, but if Project Zero is to be considered then we may be getting a thing of beauty.

Source: Samsung