Instagram, has seen some pretty cool changes down the years, today’s update is no different. The update brings it with a new feature called “emoji hashtags”, so you can express your feelings of a picture with a proper emoji. Searching for posts with similar emoji’s is also possible due to the hashtag feature.

instagram hashtag emojis

So, if you already have friends, who like to add tons of hashtags with their photos, well they just got a whole new set to play with.

This update also brings with it 3 new filters to the long list already available, they include Lark,Reyes and Juno. You can check the difference from the sample pics below.

                         Lark                                             Reyes                                                 Juno

This brings the Android version to 6.20.0, and is available on the Google Play Store today, if you want a whirl at these new filters.

Source: Instagram