We have all seen a lot of movies where hi-tech machines are run using  finger gestures. Now thanks to a kick starter project call Aria u can almost achieve that feat. Aria is basically a clip on for Android Wear and Pebble smart watches which lets users use various finger gestures to do different tasks.

Aria Aria

It is an accessory which will set your hands free to achieve various tasks on your smart watch which would normally need a swipe or tap. The companion app is used to set the various gestures that include tapping, flicking your fingers, and closing and opening your hand.


Aria clips on the inside of the smart watch band making it almost unseen by the human eye when the smart watch is worn. The one made for Pebble smart watches connects via Bluetooth Low Energy, so it does not have any battery of its own. The Android Wear one on the other hand, has its own battery. The Android Wear clip on will cost you around $169 because it is built specially for developers. The Pebble version is much cheaper, $100 cheaper to be precise, for around $69. Currently this will not support Apple Watches, but you can connect it to your Apple Watch and use it to control some apps on your iPhone or iPad.


Source: Aria