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Chinese developers never stop amazing us. Even though outside China their names might not be recognized, they still manage to come up with things which even the most well known OEM’s have not yet thought about. Oukitel is one such company, they have come up with a solution for the pesky battery issue in smartphones, by developing a smart phone which has a massive 10,000mAh battery.

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Normally OEM’s need to develop smaller sized batteries in order to cater to the slimness of the smartphones design.  This though makes the device look pretty, but doesn’t let the device last longer than 1.5 days on average. Oukitel have thrown that idea out of the window and realized that battery life is more important than the beauty of the device. That being said the new phone from Oukitel does not look ugly in any way, looks kinda rugged wit no physical keys on the front, so we assume that means on screen keys.

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The only other spec knowledge we have so far is that i runs on almost stock looking Android 5.1 Lollipop. The device will be available in a few months, but a few prototype images have been found wandering the web. So, would you like a smartphone that would last you a week?

Source: Oukitel