There are times when you wish you could play  your favorite Android RPG or Strategy game using a mouse and a keyboard. If that is the case then your wish just came true! Android Emulation on PC is now possible, thanks to a number of emulators and  we will gave a look at the top 5 free emulators out there.


Price: Free


Andy is a completely free emulator, and is able to run almost all apps, games and launchers. If you want,you can even install root access to it. The installation may be a bit tricky at times, but it works very well. There used to be some everyday issues, but that is all in the past now.

Download Andy


Price: Free and $2/month


It is similar to Andy in most ways, except for the fact that, the free version at times will download a sponsored app on your device. Though, you can easily un-install it, it tends to become a bit annoying if you are having memory issues on your phone. There is a solution for this problem as well, but for that you will have to purchase the premium version for $2/month.

Download Bluestacks


Price: Free


Droid4x is built for games mostly, it works like any other android emulator, but with a twist. The emulator has an add-on feature, which makes your device act as a controller. So, for example if you are playing Need For Speed or Mortal Kombat X, it will give you a more console like experience. The emulator is available for free as well.

Download Droid4x


Price: Free with in-app purchases


This emulator is mainly built for developers and all those who want to experience an app or game on a device, without having to actually buy the device. So, if you want to try out a Nexus 6 running Android 6.0 Marshmallow, then now you can.

Download GenyMotion


Price: Free


Nox is an android emulator again built for gamers. The cool part about this emulator is that you can assign, various keys for different wipe gestures. Not only a keyboard, but if you have a joystick works well on it, just as much. So, for a free emulator it is pretty nifty!

Download Nox

So, guys this is our list, do you have any others in mind? Do let us know. Happy Gaming!