WhatsApp video calling

Now here’s a feature everyone’s been anxiously waiting to get their hands on since quite a while now and if these rumors are indeed true, then you just might get to use it sometime next year. That’s right folks, according to MacerKopf, our friends from Germany, WhatsApp are currently working on a major update that is expected to be rolled out sometime in the first quarter of 2016 and one of the major attractions of this update would be video calling. Since its launch some 6 years ago, the instant messaging client has been one of the most used and downloaded applications among all major platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian devices and many more.

WhatsApp Video Call

The application has further developed a huge fan base since the last year or so especially with the introduction of its free voice calling feature but the one thing that eluded fans was the option for video calling (a feature currently being dominated by its major competitors like Viber and Skype). This trend might very well be about to change if these rumors indeed turn out to be true. As for now, we have just managed to get our hands on a leaked image of what the video calling feature of WhatsApp might look like. We’ll be following up with this story in the weeks to come so do stick around.

In the mean time here’s wishing you all a very happy Happy holiday season from all of us here at Talk Android Phones. Stay blessed you guys…Cheers !!