galaxy s7 gaming tools

Everybody is talking about Samsung’s next galaxy devices the S7 and the S7 edge and the cool features they posses, such as the first ever Dual Pixel Camera, liquid cooling and water resistance for starters. Only some of them are talking about the Software features, one such in particular is the “Gaming Tool”.

This little floating button comes on the screen when playing a game and shows 5 different options when you click on it. They are:

  • No alerts during gaming – suppress all notifications while playing a game.
  • Lock Recent and Back keys – turn off the capacitive buttons to prevent mistaken presses while gaming.
  • Minimize game – put the game in a floating bubble (like Chat Heads) so you can do something else and then return exactly where you left off.
  • Screenshot – take a screenshot.
  • Record – record your screen and even record yourself with the front-facing camera.

Talking about gaming, you even can even adjust the performance of the game, just go in settings and choose Standard, Low Power, and Extreme Low Power. This well help save a lot of battery for the heavy gamer.So, what do you think of the tool? Will you use it?