Even though WhatsApp remains to be the world’s most popular messaging app, the company still tries to constantly come up with regular updates and a plethora of new features every now and then. The latest feature to be added is one which was being demanded by users since quite some time now – the ability to add/invite people to a closed group without the need of saving the other person(s) number in your contacts list.

whatsapp-public-group-invite-1 whatsapp-public-group-invite-2

For those of you who are using the beta version of WhatsApp can get their hands on this new feature that comes with the latest 2.16.281 update. In-case you guys are wondering about the benefits of this new adding to group feature, here’s a simple example:

Think of businesses or large groups like students or sports teams where you want to make it as fast as possible to add everyone to the chat. Instead of the admin having to take each person’s phone number, create a contact, wait for it to appear inside WhatsApp, then manually add them to the group, they’d just have to print a QR code or write an NFC tag, or maybe email the link to everyone, and they’d be able to join instantly. Simple isn’t it?

whatsapp-public-group-invite-3 whatsapp-public-group-invite-4 whatsapp-public-group-invite-5

Another small but noteworthy feature that has been added is a little forward button right next to all shared media (images, GIFs, Videos etc.) making it relatively quite easy and quick to share files. Instead of using the conventional method of having to tap and hold the media file just for the sharing options to pop up, then selecting the forward option, this new feature is definitely a handy solution.

whatsapp-quick-forward-media-1  whatsapp-quick-forward-media-2

For those of you who would like to give WhatsApp beta a try can download it from the links provided below but just keep in mind that (as in the case with all beta apps)  testing versions may be unstable or may have a few bugs. The rest of you would be getting the new features pretty soon.

Download WhatsApp Beta: WhatsApp Messenger