Microsoft Paint which happens to be one of the oldest and most commonly used apps (programs as they were called back in the day) has been around since more than three decades now. As my memory recalls, paint was probably one of the first things that we learnt in school and since that day, it has happened to be on of my all time favorite utility tools for the PC. Keeping all the nostalgia aside, Microsoft has decided to revamp their renowned application by adding a bunch of exciting new features that lets you create full 3D based designs and models in a simplistic yet quite effective manner.

The new version of Paint is exclusively for devices running on the company’s latest Windows 10 platform. We managed to get our hands on a few leaked tweets by  Twitter user WalkingCat who has shared two videos that clearly highlight the newly added features. We haven’t heard an official announcement from Microsoft as yet, but we are expecting to hear about it at their upcoming event on October 26th. Check out the videos below and let us know how you like the new features.