Nokia 3310

The original Nokia 3310 had become somewhat a legend, some may even argue it was the most durable phone ever built. Throw it off a 2 floor balcony, drive over it, drop on the concrete and it would just keep on soldiering on like a Boss! 17 years down the road and Nokia decided to revive that legend once again. So, call it, nostalgia or call it whatever you like, the Nokia 3310 is a sight for sore eyes!

The 2017 version of the Nokia 3310 does looked like the phone has evolved in all this time. The phone’s body is much thinner than its older brother, but has maintained that classic curved look, with dimensions 115.60 x 51.00 x 12.80 (height x width x thickness), on the front you will find a 2.4 inch QVGA polarized colored curved display (240×320 pixels). The keys on the keypad (you don’t hear that, quite often these days) are very soft and its a lot of fun typing on them.

Nokia 3310

On the back of the device you shall find a 2MP camera with LED flash, which to be honest, can take some decent shots in lighted areas or even day time shots are not bad. You do get a 3.5mm headphone jack, so you can either listen to the inbuilt FM radio or listen to your own tunes, thanks to the 32GB microSD card support. The phone itself houses 16MB storage, which is plenty for keeping old text messages, or even keeping a few songs or pictures.

Talking about the software the device runs on Nokia Series 30+ (and NOT android as a lot of people had predicted it to be). The UI is quite simple and does have that classic feel to it. While we are on this topic, the Nokia 3310 did come with its share of games and one in particular got a lot of stardom and still does till date. That game was “Snake”, we used to spend hours trying to see how long we could make that 2D snake grow and to our utmost joy Nokia has brought it back as well. The new Snake keeps the classic feel to it, but does add a lot of modern elements to it, like the snake can actually travel diagonally now, which makes the game even more challenging but still fun.

Nokia 3310

The Nokia 3310 comes with a removable 1200mAh battery which promises to last and after our rigorous testing it does actually last a week easily! Even longer depending on how you use it. Other than that the device comes with Bluetooth 3.0 to help you transfer data easily. It comes in two versions a single sim and a dual dim variant. Finally, on the color front the device comes in 4 amazing colors, two are Glossy and two are Matte finished. The colors include Warm Red (Glossy), Dark Blue (Matte), Yellow (Glossy), Grey (Matte).


You can also check out our un-boxing video of the Nokia 3310 below