Meet the team

Syed ObaidUllah- Founder

Syed Obaidullah is a finance majors grad who works in the field of digital marketing . Despite going to a business school, he is simply obsessed with technology, blogging, search engine marketing and sometimes with web developing tools too. Beside blogging he loves, eats, drinks and breathes Cricket, Be it watching or playing. He loves writing about different Phones market share, sales, other stats and copyrights infringements. You can find him on Facebook

Daraius Variava – Chief Editor and Writer



Daraius Variava has been a devoted Android fan since its public release in late 2008 and has spent the last year writing about it at Talk Android Phones. A reformed Android user, he now dual-wields a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and a Galaxy S2 alongside whatever he happens to be testing each week. Besides being an Android maniac he is also a die-hard Arsenal fan and would live and die for it anytime… anywhere. Other major hobbies include Gaming, swimming and cricket. You can find him on twitter @devil_slay3r or on Google+

Cyrus Variava – Chief Editor and Writer


Cyrus Variava comes from a three-year tenure of owning a BlackBerry and finally decided to take the plunge and check out a new operating system. He’s been toying around with smartphones for a few years now and loves to keep up with the latest tech-info and is intrigued by it all. When not being a geek on his phone he loves to watch football — especially when Arsenal (both Variava brothers are die hard Arsenal fans since childhood) are playing and likes to spend most of his time on his favorite gaming PC or sometimes a console. Besides all of that, he’s completely random and can be found on twitter @CVpersie and on Google+

Umer Hafeez – Social Media Strategist

umer hafeez

Umer Hafeez is working as Social Marketing Strategist, he has an extensive experience working in digital marketing. He has worked with various US based media agencies and venture capital firms on the area of social media strategies, SEO friendly content strategies. He is also a philanthropist and working on a project to teach unprivileged kids, the project is in initial stages and few poor kids have been sponsored on uneven basis. He mentors students and people who are willing to earn via internet and provide training on passive income one can earn via internet. Rest he love blogging and write on tech and web marketing.

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