Google Checkout Blog was announced that an Android payment extension has been added for Google Checkout. With this new tool merchants can use their laptops to let customers make purchases right from their phones. You can use the new Android Payment Extension for the Google Checkout Store Gadget on your laptops.

With the gadget, merchants can quickly and easily accept Google Checkout payments as well as payments via Android by setting up a simple store. This extension helps merchants quickly set up a store and accept payments. The process is quite easy for merchants.

  • Set up a merchant Google Checkout account
  • Set up a web-store using the Google Checkout Store Gadget Wizard
  • Compile and submit a list of your available items
  • Follow the wizard to embed the Gadget
  • Install Android Payment Chrome Extension

After setting up the new account, the merchant just gets the customer’s shopping list and creates a cart and opts to checkout with the Android. After that, the customer scans the QR code shown with their phone. This code is what allows the customer to access the purchase page and complete the purchase.