Though Sony ericsson was late to get their first android base product upgraded to a modern version of the operating system, they are ahead of froyo and giving android 2.3.According to the sony ericsson official blog, it said back in january Xperia X10 would remain on with android 2.1 but the leading customer demand has prompted them to prepare a final Gingerbread release for the smartphone.

Xperia X10 is likely to get this update in from june to september, though initially only for generic X10 versions.Carrier-modified X10′s may get Gingerbread after a delay, or may not get it at all.

It seems like the first step taken by sony ericsson to do better in android base products.They publicly came out and said they wanted to take all of what they learned from 2010 and apply it to 2011.It’s a great turn around from a time where it seemed Xperia users would be stuck on Android 1.6 forever.