I AM Android!!

Android has now become the biggest OS used by Smartphone in the US, according to comScore’s report  Android finished at 31.2% for the month of January while RIM grabbed the second spot with a market share of 30.4%.

One reason i feel that the Android platform has risen so well is because its is able to be on many more devices than any other OS, while you can say Microsoft’s Windows phone 7 can do the same it has not reached the same level of popularity as Android, also the Windows Phone 7 marketplace has a limited amount of applications (around 11000-12000) meanwhile the android marketplace has around (133000-134000) or more. (Check Here For The News Piece Detailing This) Apple and RIM’s OS’s are only on there phones and no-one else’s and that is why Android has risen so well (my opinion)

continuing with the news, in a study conducted by Nielsen among 14, 701 Americans said that 29% of the post paid mobile phone subscribers had Android devices. 27% of the subscribers had iOS device while 27% had RIM devices.