To start the initial review I must say LG Optimus Black is one of the most interesting phones announced at CES. You can easily fall in love with the chic, sleek design of this Black phone.The Optimus Black sports a 4-inches NOVA screen at the usual 480×800 resolution, which is introduced as the most interesting feature of the phone.This is new Nova” display, which boasts 700 Nits of luminosity. Its brightness is able to compete with some premium phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S feature super AMOLED screens. More interesting part is, this handset keeps power consumption to a very minimum level, while the other standard AMOLED screens will consume twice as much power as the NOVA screen.

The other prominent feature is the weight, along with the cool design LG has been successful in keeping the weight of the phone to 109g.Even there are chances that it would replace Apple Iphone 4 as the world’s thinnest smartphone.

It also has a cool little G-Key which in conjunction with the accelerometer, and can be used to do pretty cool things like let you cruise through the UI without tapping.LG has also addressed the importance of the front facing camera by adding a 2-megapixel front-facing camera to the phone.

It also has a microUSB slot and 3.5 mm headphone port. The Optimus Black has the ability of HD recording  with 720p capture. The 5MP camera is supported with Single LED Flash which will enable the black to give nice effects to all captures.It has LG’s custom UI.

Another great feature in the phone is ,you can direct assess your messages, emails and missed calls from the lock.Other than that, you will find some new commands, such as lifting, shaking and tapping, which all can be functioned to answer calls and open the camera app.

In a nut shell, Optimus Black is a nice high end phone, which is expected to be a little cheaper and it can be your best choice in a limited budget

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