Samsung Galaxy S II

Its seems that the popularity of Samsungs Galaxy S II is much bigger than we thought, Samsung shared some info regarding the amount of pre-orders, they said that, around the world, three million of the hot new mobile phones have been ordered in by retailers as of the end of April.

Here is the full announcement, sorry if it is oddly worded as it is from the Korean Office

Samsung Galaxy S2 Has Reached the Mark of 3,000,000 Pre-orders Globally

Samsung Electronics’ flagship smartphone Galaxy S II is becoming a global buzzword right after its release. Samsung Electronics said that its newest smartphone Galaxy S ll has reached 3,000,000 pre-orders globally as of the end of April.

The number of the pre-orders seems very likely to increase as Galaxy S ll is planned to release in 120 countries by some 140 carriers. IT product review channel Engadget praised Galaxy S II as “the best Android smartphone yet, but more importantly, it might well be the best smartphone.” Another IT channel Slashgear also reviewed that Galaxy S II’s 4.3 Inch Super AMOLED Plus is the most advanced OLED Panel technology.

Officials at Samsung Electronics mentioned that “There are quite a few demands in some countries to ask for preferred orders for the supply of Galaxy S II,“ adding that “We will do our utmost best to ensure that all the global demands should be met as quickly as possible.”