phpkCv4wM05102011 118 660x495 Google Announces Android Open Accessory Development Kit


We are already hearing talks about android eating apple’s market share.In this market share war, Google is trying to address all the areas where apple is really good.Without any shadow of doubt, Apple is the master and leader of accessory integration.Over the years we have seen Apple-compatible home stereos, car stereos, Nike’s embedded chip in its running shoes, and many other things.

Google has announced Android Open Accessory Development Kit which will allow developers to create apps that will integrate with accessories like car stereos.The demo shown at Google IO, depicted android smartphone integrated with a exercise bike and working in conjunction with it.Open Accessory API is limited to Gingerbread 2.3.4 and Honeycomb 3.1.The developers looking forward to it must check further details on the new accessory dev kit

[Via : intomobile ]